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Six years ago the two founders of di[rec], Benjamin Bailer and Tatjana Mühlthaler, started their first project under the working title “music goes iTV”. At this point they were still apprentices at BMG and wanted to initiate a video-on-demand platform for music videos, which would partly help to refinance the clip production. Due to technical, legal and financial reasons this project was not implemented.

Ben and Tatjana’s general experience in the music business, the live-music-business and their passion for music helped to find their approach “music does not equal live music”. Combined with their keen knowledge, they followed the thoughts and possibilities behind it, keeping both of them engaged during their studies and slowly it grew to become the project with the working title “star.live”.

The name di[rec] (standing for “direct recordings”) was applied to show a closer connection to the intention of the project.


Together with Peter Respondek (360design), whose passion lies within industrial design as well as music, has been playing with ideas to take live entertainment further, the concept for di[rec] was generated.

Ben and Tatjana are economically, legally and strategically leading the business, Peter is visually implementing di[rec] as their third partner.


The di[rec]launch took place at the Nova Rock Festival 2007. Among others such bands as Clawfinger, In Flames, Chimaira, Excuse Me Moses, and Less Than Jake were recorded. Additionally, di[rec] recorded shows at the Taubertal Festival as well as at the FM4 Frequency Festival.  Live recordings include among others Groove Armada, i.O., Sugarplum Fairy, and Moneybrother.


di[rec]'s motto: [take your show home with you and relive it again and again]


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