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The corporate design (CD) of di[rec]ís portfolio is consciously showing angled edges, just like a live recording. Authenticity and uniqueness are emphasised, in the design as well as the technology of our products. Certain details, the colours red, black and white, the matted surfaces and the red LED are used over and over again, characterising di[rec] in a distinctive way.



The di[rec]stick is the data carrier of the direct recordings. It is being loaded on-the-fly during the concert, and is offered directly after the show at the di[rec]musicbar.


The packaging of the di[rec]stick resembles a CD digipak, and it can be put on the shelf next to traditional CDs. The booklet on the inside is not a traditional cover, but a user manual for the di[rec]stick.


The di[rec]musicbar offers direct recordings on the di[rec]sticks as well as download-vouchers. A big highlight is the duplication process of the USB-sticks in front of the audience. Integrated screens show audio and visual information about the artist and the direct recordings.


The shape of the di[rec]hotspot resembles a lantern post. The red LED design element is integrated, just as it is with the di[rec]stick. Future possibilities of the di[rec]hotspot will allow the audience to download certain tracks of the live show directly to their mobile phone, portable gaming devices or other mobile devices.



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