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Live-shows are fascinating people around the globe. The enthusiasm of the audience, the immediacy of live music that you can hear and feel, the closeness to the adored artist, the shared experience with like-minded and many more, make live-concerts so attractive and incomparable. It is the distinctive moment and the unique atmosphere that make the live-experience a feeling you love to remember…


di[rec] is capturing all these emotions by live-audio-recording the concerts, duplicating the masters on-site and offering USB-sticks and download-vouchers instantly after the show.



Mando Diao Frontman Björn Dixgård Launching Solo Concerts on USB Memory Stick

(Munich, 13/11/07)

Stick It To 'em

(New York, Billboard, 03/11/07)

Moneybrother on USB Memory Stick Before Release

(Munich, 22/08/07) 


The new di[rec]store offers the possibility to prelisten and buy live recordings online. The new downloadstore will provide live-music-fans live recordings and will keep them up to date with news and information about upcoming shows.

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