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Mando Diao Releasing Their Concerts on USB Memory Stick and Download-Card

Munich, 18/02/08: Mando Diao back in Germany. According to the tour promoter Marek Lieberberg Konzert Agentur the upcoming German Mando Diao tour covering Stuttgart, Munich, and Cologne, is close to being sold out.

To capture, and celebrate the unique and explosive Mando Diao live performances the concerts will be recorded and sold immediately after the concerts on USB-sticks and will be made available as downloads (www.di-rec.com) for a short period of time after each concert. The recording is handled by the Munich-based company di[rec].

Mando Diao are Björn Dixgård (vocals, guitar), Gustaf Norén (vocals, guitar), Carl-Johan Fogelklou (bass), Samuel Giers (drums), and Mats Björke (keyboards). At the upcoming tour Mando Diao will perform what is called to be a classic repertoire including not only all their groundbreaking hits but also new songs and favourite covers. 

The recordings will be supervised and produced by the legendary Peter Brandt and his team to secure a great sound and a maximised experience for the fans. He has realised Live-DVDs and TV shows by artists like Genesis, The Rolling Stones, Herbert Grönemeyer, Tokio Hotel, Roger Cicero, and Mario Barth. The USB-sticks will also contain a special artwork and bonus material.

Mando Diao: "We are thrilled to be back on stage in Germany and Austria and think that di[rec] recordings are a great opportunity to provide our fans with a physical souvenir they crave and will be a part of." Mando Diao add: "Read our lips: The German and Austrian audience is the best audience in the whole world and whatever offers come our way we will always make room for more shows in our second home. Love, Mando Diao."

Tatjana Mühlthaler, Co-Managing Director, di[rec], adds: "We are very pleased to be on tour with Mando Diao after the solo tour by Björn Dixgård. It is great to offer concertgoers instant live recordings whereby they can enjoy the unique experience of live music over and over again."

Tour dates:

26/02/08     Beethovensaal, Stuttgart

28/02/08     Wiener Stadthalle, Vienna

29/02/08     Zenith, Munich

01/03/08     Palladium, Cologne


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